Selling Your Items

Once you have registered as a Vendor you should be approved instantly and if you agree with our Terms and Conditions you can start loading your gifts right away!

As a vendor, be sure to include a description of your business, a little about yourself and your products you carry. Also don’t forget to tag each gift as well as either Home-Based, Farmer’s Market or Main Street Business. This will be a great option for shoppers while searching for gifts!

Locations: Be sure to enter your own town as well as the others in driving distance to you. Don’t worry, your gifts will always be displayed across Canada and available for purchase. The location search is when a shopper wants to only see gifts within a specific town. If you ship across Canada, let shoppers know in your Shipping Information.

With our 1 year no-obligation you will have plenty of time to test out the website and get your business found. After the 1 year if you wish to continue we only ask for a $99 yearly fee to be on this site. We promise to promote your local business and local businesses everywhere. We look forward to helping you grow your business as we grow ours into a true Canadian gift shopping site.

SELLING ITEMS ON-LINE is only an option. The cart can be turned off if you wish and you can offer local pick ups or delivery if you choose.   At least advertising yourself and your gifts will allow shoppers to be aware that you are out there.

If you want the cart turned off for a specific item, be sure to choose External Affiliate as product type. If you already have a website and prefer selling directly from your site, once you choose External Affiliate, you can put in your link to the item on your own site.  When shoppers click to purchase your gift on The Local Gift Shop, they will be redirected to your site where they can then buy directly there.  If you need help with this, please email us at or call us at 1-705-984-4438.  We would be happy to help!

If you choose to sell your items on our site, you will need to setup an account with Stripe. We use Stripe as our 3rd party payment processor because of its simplicity and it’s free for vendors to join. The fees are the same as PayPal for each transaction. 2.9% and 30 cents per transactions.  We do not up-charge on these fees.

Click here for our Guide on How to Setup Stripe.

When loading a gift make sure you have a clear bright picture of the item. A white background works best. Make sure to tag each gift with all the relevant categories that would apply to the gift. You can just tag For Her, but if a Grandmother would also appreciate the gift add that tag as well. The more appropriate tags on your gift, the more chances of it being found.

For example, a wonderful gift my grandmother appreciated was a jar of preserves made by one of our local farmer’s market merchant. It could be tagged as gifts for senior, gourmet, grandmother, grandfather, hostess gift or a thank you gift.

Click here for our Guide on How to Register as a Vendor  or for our Guide on How to Upload and Manage Your Gifts. 

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