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Conditioning, Protecting, Nourishing, and Molding kit to meet every bit of your beard’s needs.

The Vetiver & Spruce Beard Kit Includes:
4 oz Beard Wash
2 oz of Beard Wax
1/2 oz Beard Oil
5 G Moustache Molding Wax
How-To information sheet

All packaging is recyclable amber glass and PET plastic, and labels are easily removed so that you can re-use your bottles in the future.
Mailed in a durable corrugated Kraft brown box and wrapped inside Kraft paper, this Kit can be sent as a gift.

The Beard Kit is a nutritionally dense, reparative, cleansing, and conditioning treatment in the form of an oil-based cleanser, a wax, and rich skin nourishing oil for your moustache, beard, and the delicate skin beneath. All items are made with a thoughtful blend of rich oils, plant extracts, and local, humane beeswax that will soften and nourish your beard without feeling greasy or heavy.

The Vetiver & Spruce scent smells like a forest in winter, cold autumn mornings at the cottage, like your grandfather’s aftershave, and honey on toast. Like all of our fragrances, it is scented with 100% pure organic essential oils, which adapt and change with the oils already present in your skin, so that you don’t just wear the scent, rather, it blends in with the one you already have.

BEARD WASH INGREDIENTS ?coconut oil ?aloe vera juice ?vegetable glycerin ?sunflower oil ?castor oil raw local honey guar gum grapefruit seed extract potassium citrate citric acid ?key lime essential oil
Beard Wash is an oil-based cleanser that makes the beard noticeably softer and healthier looking after every wash.

BEARD OIL INGREDIENTS ?rosehip oil, ?jojoba oil, ?sweet almond oil, ?safflower oil, vitamin e oil (non-GMO), ?lavender, ?chamomile, ?plantain, ?comfrey, ?calendula, ?a blend of organic essential oils.

BEARD WAX INGREDIENTS Ingredients- ?coconut oil, ?babassu oil, ?safflower oil, ?rosemary-infused olive oil, local beeswax, vitamin e oil (non-GMO), ?a blend of organic essential oils

MOUSTACHE WAX INGREDIENTS beeswax ?babassu oil ?coconut oil ?rosemary-infused olive oil ?safflower oil vitamin e oil (non-GMO) raw local honey, resins of: ?pine, ?spruce, ?vetiver, & ?myrrh, ?a blend of organic essential oils
?organic ?wild

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