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1. I forgot to check the box “I am a vendor” when I was registering. How do I setup my store and load gifts now that I’m registered as a shopper?
No problem, click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner of the website. On the left-hand side, click on the MY SHOP tab and fill out and submit the form to apply to be a vendor. Once you are accepted as a vendor you can go to your Dashboard and start loading your gifts. Detailed how-to guide.

2. Can I sell gift cards on this website?
Gift cards will be available soon.

3. In your Terms it says you can refuse any gifts to be sold on your site. How do you go about choosing what is appropriate and what is not.
It comes down to common sense. We have a pretty keen idea of what makes a good gift and we will try to be as fair and practical as possible. Communication with our merchants is the key to success and we promise to be as fair as possible.

Here are a few questions that can help you:

  • Is is appropriate?
  • Is it respectful?
  • Does it make a nice gift?
  • Would I give this to somebody I care for as a gift?

4. I am a home-based direct seller. Can I list my items for sale on your site?
As much as we would love to help local direct consultants sell their gifts, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate.  Due to the terms and conditions instilled by the Direct Sellers Association, selling or advertising these products on our site infringes on their regulations.

5. As a small local shop I sell gifts that are imported as well. Do my gifts have to be Canadian made or hand-made?
No, you can sell any gifts even big brand name items as long as you are considered a small business owner and the gifts are of good quality. We want to help the small local business sell their gifts no matter where the gifts originated from.

6. I own a main street shop and sell a variety of products. I prefer not to upload multiple gifts. Can I still advertise on the site?
Of course! If you own a small local Canadian business and sell a variety of items, you can definitely still advertise on Simply sign up as a vendor and fill in the information. Once this is done, you can select ”Add Product” from your vendor dashboard and fill out the information associated with your store instead of an individual gift. Add all tags that are pertinent to the gifts you carry. For example, if you carry baby items, home decor, photography and kitchen ware, tag all of them.  When shoppers are searching for a specific gift on the site, your store will appear and it will let them know that you carry those items. It’s a great way to let shoppers know you’re out there!


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