About Us

Our Mission

Helping you find the best gift for the people you care about while promoting small local businesses in Canada!

There are so many great, one-of-a-kind, unique gifts out there, sitting in a quaint shop on the main street just waiting to be discovered.

Or artisans making beautiful hand-crafted treasures out of their home that is available for purchase and would make a wonderful gift.

And what about the small local businesses carrying items that big box stores carry but without the means of advertising on a larger scale.

Online shopping is hurting the small local vendors, so our vision is to bring gift shoppers to the local merchants with our personal on-line gift search tool. We are not selling any of our own items like many gift sites out there but showcasing gifts from registered vendors. We are making it easy for shoppers to find meaningful gifts by bringing the small shops to their front door. Imagine being able to find a gift online and pick it up the same day!

The Local Gift Shop is not just for shopping in your own town, but across the nation as well. We are a true Canadian coast to coast commerce site. Jocelyne and Marla live in Orillia, Ontario but have associates living in Montrose, BC, Sudbury, ON and throughout the Simcoe County area.

Read about us in our local paper. Click here for the article.CLICK HERE to see us on local TV promoting our vendors!


Joycelyne Lespérance
Teacher, Mother of Three

Growing up in a small town in a large family has made me come to appreciate the importance of community and supporting the people that are my neighbors and friends. Putting money into small, local businesses reflects these values that I am now instilling in my own children. I love unique one-of-a-kind gifts that hold a special meaning and rare value because it cannot be found anywhere else. Throughout the years, at special occasions, I am always asked: “What should I get her/him as a gift?”. So it is here that I find an avenue to bring all of this together, a place where you can find great, unique gifts, all the while supporting small, local, businesses. Bringing the small shops to your front door.

Marla Moore
Systems Consultant, Mother of Two

My passion for shopping locally and having a large family has often provided the challenge of finding that perfect gift. I find great joy in giving loved one’s unique gifts that have a special meaning. I am known for keeping an eye out for great ideas so my advice for gift giving has been something that I enjoy sharing with others. The Local Gift Shop is a place where I can share my passion with more than just my family and friends. I hope to help you find that perfect gift for that someone special and of course, while shopping locally!

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